Reabilitator Social Programming
Reabilitator Man Against Man

New Single "Man Against Man"

Новый сингл "Man Against Man"


Sup thrash maniacs!

We wanted to finish this year with one more single!

Thanks for your likes, sharing and support!

Wishing you thrash, gigs, and joy this holiday season and throughout 2022!

Share worldwide - keep thrash alive!


Привет трэш-маньякам!

Завершаем этот год ещё одним синглом!

Всё записано, сведено и тд на домашней студии Reabilitator Home Studio!

Спасибо за Ваши лайки, репосты и поддержку!

Всего наилучшего в 2022, побольше трэша, концертов и крутых моментов!


Reabilitator Revolution

"Revolution" from GRAND За**ісь PARTY #11


Prasolov Letter You'll Never Read

New album from Prasolov

New death metal solo-album from our drummer Prasolov is released today!

All instruments, vocals, mixing and other shit done by one man.

Recorded at Reabilitator Home Studio in 2020-2021.

Cover art by Askoma.

You can listen or support and buy CD at Bandcamp.


Reabilitator Wall Of Death

"Wall Of Death" from Kharkiv Hardcore Fest 2021


Reabilitator Смертью Восставший (КГБ cover)

Reabilitator - Смертью Восставший (КГБ cover)

We have been waiting for this for 7 years!

Metal Race released a compilation with our cover song, which we recorded especially for it in 2014!

Listen/buy/enjoy: "In The Spirit Of Old School" - Cover Compilation


Reabilitator They Try

"They Try" live multicam video from gig in Kyiv

We played two shows to support our new singles Save Me God and They Try!

Here's the video from the gig in Kyiv!


Reabilitator Revolution

New song "Revolution"

We have released pre-album version of the song called Revolution at Metal Punk Death Squad compilation. It was released on CD by underground label Surrogate Rec.

Get your copy at Bandcamp or listen on YouTube!

14 metal-punk bands from Ukraine on one CD!

Special thanks to Oleksiy Pominchuk from Merzotna Potvora.


Reabilitator They Try

New single "They Try"!!!

New song with playthrough video!

"They Try" on Spotify

"They Try" on Apple Music

"They Try" on Bandcamp

Reabilitator Home Studio, 2021


Extreme Underground Metal Society Of Nepal

Our single in compilation "Thrashmandu 3" (2021)

New song Save Me God with two songs from our drummer side projects were added to the thrash metal compilation from Extreme Underground Metal Society Of Nepal. Here is the link: Compilation on Bandcamp


Learning drum parts for the new songs

Here are some new singles are coming from Reabilitator Home Studio!


Reabilitator Thrash Way Of Life

New single "Save Me God"!!!

Hi metalheads!

The third album are still in process now, so check out the new non-album single we made.

Share it with your friends please to spread the oldschool metal worldwide and to keep underground thrash alive!!!

Share wordwide! Keep thrash alive! Peace!


Reabilitator Thrash Way Of Life

10 Years Of Reabilitation

17.11.2010 was the day of the first Reabilitator rehearsal!

10 years of craziest things in our lives. Here are some moments. Check this out!


Metal Disease Deadly Attack

New album of Metal Disease

New album from the drummer of Reabilitator. 11 tracks of thrash-death-speed metal in 4 languages!

All instruments, vocals, music, lyrics, mixing, mastering, cover by Dmitry Prasolov

Watch on YouTube or download from Bandcamp


7 years Metal Force HMC, Bulgaria
Nuclear Power Plant, Poltava
Kharkiv Hardcore Fest 2018
Reabilitator at Kharkiv Hardcore Fest 2018

We will thrashing at "Kharkiv Hardcore Fest 2018"!!!

Reabilitator will make some thrashing noise at Kharkiv Hardcore Fest 2018 | April-7-8


Reabilitator Thrash Way Of Life

Video "Thrash Way Of Life"!!!

Hey Guys! Check out our very first DIY video!!!

Please share it with your friends - it is the best way to support us - it will help to spread the video worldwide in the best traditions of underground and more people will be able to hear our song and bang their heads!!!

From Ukraine to the web of underground thrash metal.


Drums for song 'Thrash Way Of Life'

We are recording new song

Today we have recorded drums for the new song Thrash Way Of Life, which we want to present in video format soon. The video takes and bass recording were done during this year and it will be something like DIY video from rehearsal with good quality audio.

Also during today's recording time (at pystelnukArt studio) were recorded two new songs and one cover song for Warwar band.


Вторая рецензия от Astarta

Форпост музыкальной аналитики Astarta опубликовал рецензию на наш второй альбом "Social Programming"


Reabilitator Social Programming

Second album "Social Programming"

Our second album "Social Programming" is comes out on September 15th, 2016. We worked hard on it and now you can feel the power of the Ukrainian underground thrash! Check out the promo video!

CD is available for PRE-ORDER


Summer Chaos Gig

Summer Chaos Gig!

11 июня будем всё крушить в гараже Точка (г. Киев) на Нижнеюрковской. Выступаем с киевскими SPIT BILE, ACID TERROR, BSxBC, а так же HINNOM VULTURES из нашей родины - города Запорожья.


The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show

Reabilitator's song on the Autopsy Report Dead Tapes Show

Our track Mechanical Devastation got into playlist of The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show. It will be broadcast during this week (4th - 10th April 2016 Edition). You can hear it on Sunday the 10th. More info where and when at in Stations section.


Рецензия от Astarta

Рецензия на "Global Degeneration (Reissue)" от Алексея Иринеева, музыкального обозревателя из России.


Review from IYEZine

Alberto Centenari from Italy wrote some lines: Reabilitator – Global Degeneration Review.


Thrash From The Grave Gig

Thrash From The Grave Gig

5 марта готовимся угорать в Барвах (Киев)!

Первыми раздадут треша молодая киевская банда ANABIOS, для которых характерны бешено быстрый темп и техничные рифы. С первых тактов вы почувствуете мощь и агрессию настоящего Thrash/Death.

Затем представим свою программу мы, REABILITATOR, в поддержку переиздания альбома "Global Degeneration".

Следующими в лайн-апе с обновленной программой заявлены WARWAR, которые в Киеве в представлении не нуждаются.

А напоследок порадуют всех своим новым материалом и старыми хитами киевский треш-бенд SPIT BILE.


Global Degeneration reissue

50 CD's of Global Degeneration in Ukraine now

50 дисков Global Degeneration уже в Украине

enru "Global Degeneration (Reissue)" is out now. You can make an order here: Metal Race, Symbol Of Domination, Murdherrecords.

Price: 8 $. Listen online.

enru 12 декабря состоялся релиз "Global Degeneration (Reissue)". Заказать в Украине можно написав мне: Prasolov Reabilitator. По миру: Metal Race, Symbol Of Domination, Murdherrecords.

Цена: 70 грн/350 р. Слушать онлайн.


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